Taking Steps of Faith

Have you ever poured yourself fully into a project? I’m talkin’ jump in with both feet. All in. Every egg in your “This is it!” basket. I have. More than I would like to admit.

Did you shell out good money for the Super-Dooper-Veggie-Slicer knives at the big box store because the guy was nice and he really did slice those tomatoes paper thin?

How much money did you spend at your friend’s home show… ya know the one with the candles or the kitchen gadgets or the make up? Yup. Me too.

Did you spring for the fancy hub caps, heated seats or computerized something or other??? Yes. I know. I get it.

Well, a couple years ago, I poured myself into some intense classwork to become a Nutritional Therapy Consultant because I have used nutrition and lifestyle to better many of my health and emotional issues. I thought, “This is it!” This answers so many questions! I can help so many other people!

I set out to start my business and named it, providentially, Huber Family Wellness with the subtitle of Mind, Body, Soul.

I definitely had the “body” section covered with all my personal nutrition knowledge and experience. The “mind” section was also coming along as I was studying and reading more about coaching and thought processes. But the “soul” section, I am sad to say, was just kind of tacked on because that is how the saying goes, right? Mind, body and soul. The perfect trio!

I am sad that this was my mindset because my soul is the seat of my faith and my faith has been embedded deep in me since I was a child. My faith, my relationship with Jesus Christ, is the most important thing to me and should not have been relegated to a mindless tag on.

This became painfully clear to me as I began to practice nutrition and wellness. Many of my clients came to me solely to remedy physical issues in their lives. The more I got to know them, the more it became clear they also carried emotional and spiritual burdens that, if resolved, would impact their physical health in a very beneficial way. Could I really claim to be helping people “(w)holistically” if I only focused on the physical? How does one intertwine physical, emotional and spiritual therapies in one fell swoop? Are people even looking for this type of therapy? Most were not. Most wanted to feel better, lose weight, or improve lab results.

These questions got the better of me, so this summer I decided to take some time away from my wellness business to really pray and think through what I was doing and consider what GOD would want me to do with all of this. Like I said, my relationship with God is very important to me and I want to please Him with all aspects of my life.

I had no desire to take on additional clients because I felt so unsettled with the program I was offering. I went back to the drawing board. I considered everything from starting fresh, scrapping the business entirely or merging existing ideas. The way God has worked in my life is by either keeping the doors of decision closed tight or by opening specific doors and making that path very clear. For the last several months I have found all doors concerning client business closed with no clue as to when they would open and what that would look like.

A couple weeks ago, as I was praying about my business for the millionth time, I decided to just accept that the doors were closed and be okay with it. I won’t say a great sense of peace came over me, but I definitely felt okay with not knowing the future and resting firmly in this place. I decided I was going to go on my website and remove some information so as to not mislead anyone who happens to land there.

As I was working on my website, I began changing the wording on some of the pages to reflect the current state of my heart encompassing the mind, body, soul triad. Then I went and edited my linked page of offered products and procedures. The more I tweaked the more settled I felt about where this was going. Could I promote a more focused approach to wellness with the triad issues clearly stated upfront? Could I make the program more affordable and flexible to meet more people’s needs? Yes and yes!

There is still some tweaking to do, but I am feeling the clarity of an open door to move forward again. Of course, I do not know what the future of my business will look like but I am excited for the journey and appreciate the support I receive from my readers along the way.

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