Two Secrets to Fighting Winter Sickness

We just finished a pretty cold week here in the ADKs and there is a lot of sickness going around. Some families tell me they just keep passing the sickness around. Imagine every family room, classroom and office as a hot bed of germs. What can one do to bolster the immune system to defend against these germy invaders?

I will share two of my secret weapons with you. They are similar but different. Homemade bone broth and homemade meat broth. Most of today’s commercial soup is highly processed leaving very little nutritional value. Homemade is 1000% better, in my humble opinion.

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Winter Health and Workout Reminders

One of my commitments this year is to take a short walk every afternoon for the pure joy of walking, fresh air and nature.

For me, this walk is not about exercise. It is purely for me and my enjoyment. I always feel better mentally, physically and spiritually afterward. So far the weather has cooperated but even in a blizzard I am determined to walk every day.

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