Taking Steps of Faith

Have you ever poured yourself fully into a project? I’m talkin’ jump in with both feet. All in. Every egg in your “This is it!” basket. I have. More than I would like to admit.

Did you shell out good money for the Super-Dooper-Veggie-Slicer knives at the big box store because the guy was nice and he really did slice those tomatoes paper thin?

How much money did you spend at your friend’s home show… ya know the one with the candles or the kitchen gadgets or the make up? Yup. Me too.

Did you spring for the fancy hub caps, heated seats or computerized something or other??? Yes. I know. I get it.

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6 Surprising Causes of Heart Disease

How’s your heart? I know. Last week was Valentine’s Day. Hopefully all went well for you, but I am not talking about your emotional heart. I am really referring to your physical blood pumping heart.

We are on part 2 of our heart health series. If you missed Part 1 you can find the full article on my website, here.

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Balance your Macro Nutrients to jump start your Health Goals

My husband just forwarded me an article from an outdoor adventure magazine he reads. I was pleasantly surprised that the health and nutrition information was thoroughly supported by quality research and the author was not afraid to go against the mainstream when the data supported his point. Thank you, sir, for your courage and clarity!

There is much confusion in the nutritional public forum. How do you know what to believe and follow? Next week’s article will cover some popular diet genres and break them into bite-sized pieces so you can make educated decisions for your own health journey.

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