Balance your Macro Nutrients to jump start your Health Goals

My husband just forwarded me an article from an outdoor adventure magazine he reads. I was pleasantly surprised that the health and nutrition information was thoroughly supported by quality research and the author was not afraid to go against the mainstream when the data supported his point. Thank you, sir, for your courage and clarity!

There is much confusion in the nutritional public forum. How do you know what to believe and follow? Next week’s article will cover some popular diet genres and break them into bite-sized pieces so you can make educated decisions for your own health journey.

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Winter Health and Workout Reminders

One of my commitments this year is to take a short walk every afternoon for the pure joy of walking, fresh air and nature.

For me, this walk is not about exercise. It is purely for me and my enjoyment. I always feel better mentally, physically and spiritually afterward. So far the weather has cooperated but even in a blizzard I am determined to walk every day.

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Be a New Year’s Resolution Achiever!

Did you know that about 60-70% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions but only 8-10% keep them? Why is that?

The most popular resolutions usually revolve around weight loss, fitness, paying off debt and smoking cessation.  I would consider it a noble accomplishment to make forward progress in any those areas. The positive ramifications would be wonderful and most likely lead to a better life. The tasks are absolutely possible so why do so many of us fail?

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Local Produce is a Win-Win

Maybe this has happened to you. You are standing in the produce section at the big box grocery store comparing regular produce with USDA certified organic produce. Regular produce looks robust, plentiful and the price fits the budget. Organic produce looks unsubstantial, scarce and the price threatens to break the budget. So, what’s the point of buying organic? Why would I pay twice as much for half the quantity?

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