Hi! My name is Sue Huber and my story could be yours.

As a young mom I began to have digestive and colon health issues that led me to an array of doctors. For 10 years I worked faithfully with my doctors to try and alleviate my symptoms and move toward healing. There was some relief but symptoms and sickness returned again and again. I decided there had to be a better way and began a new journey to find my own healing using medical, nutritional, spiritual, emotional and lifestyle methods.

With these supports my own symptoms have abated and I have found a bodily wellness I have not known before. More than that, I have found a peace in life that comes from giving attention to the mind and soul as well. Mind, body and soul are intricately connected to each other and the key to health and wellness.

As part of my journey I attended and graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Association as a Nutritional Therapy Consultant. Today, I use my story and experience to educate and assist others on a similar journey of dis-ease that cannot be fully remedied through conventional medicine. It is my honor to work with others to help them gain the most optimal health possible for their situation.
There is hope for today and health for tomorrow for everyone.