6 Surprising Causes of Heart Disease

How’s your heart? I know. Last week was Valentine’s Day. Hopefully all went well for you, but I am not talking about your emotional heart. I am really referring to your physical blood pumping heart.

We are on part 2 of our heart health series. If you missed Part 1 you can find the full article on my website, here.

This week we will dive into what causes heart disease. I doubt you have heard some of this before.

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD has been turning the medical world upside down with her unconventional thinking, practice and experience. She’s most well known for her Gut and Psychology Syndrome protocol (GAPS) for healing the microbiome of the gut and changing lives especially epileptic and autistic children. She is seeing great improvement and even a reversal of diseases in her patients. Yes! Autism and epilepsy eradicated through diet and lifestyle.

She is also well known for her research and writing on heart health. In her book, “Put Your Heart in Your Mouth,” she sums up the real cause of heart disease. “Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) is not caused by dietary fats and cholesterol; it is caused by chronic out-of-control inflammation.”

In heart disease, inflammation is the body’s way of protecting itself from damage happening in the lining of the blood vessels. Let’s look at several causes of this type of damage and inflammation.

  1. Eating a regular diet high in sugar and grain carbohydrates overwhelms our cells so their sugar receptors shut down. This is called insulin resistance. The body responds by starting a vicious cycle of sending out chemical messengers to inflame and protect tissue which in turn can result in more insulin resistance and so on. The excess sugar molecules floating around in the bloodstream create sticky compounds called AGES (Advanced Glycation End Products) that attach to and harden the artery walls. AGES are also related to the development of glaucoma, kidney failure, Alzheimer’s disease and erectile dysfunction. PLEASE! For your own sake, lower your sugars!
  2. Deficiencies in vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid can cause a direct tissue damaging response in the blood vessel lining. Vitamin D is required by every cell for repair and for immune system support. A deficiency in magnesium is a KEY issue in heart disease. An estimated 75% of Americans suffer from low magnesium. The body uses 28 magnesium molecules to process just 1 sugar molecule. Sugar is in the dog house again.
  3. Eating trans fats, hydrogenated oils and highly processed oils like canola, soy, corn and vegetable oil will cause your normal fat metabolism process to go wonky (my term) and inhibit special enzymes from balancing your inflammation response.

  1. Being regularly exposed to toxic industrial chemicals like pesticides, chlorine, detergents, cleaning chemicals, fluoride, cigarette smoke and personal care products will cause your body to inflame.

  1. Damaging your intestinal lining through certain medications, poor eating habits and a stressful lifestyle will cause it to become permeable or “leaky”. This means that undigested food, parasites and bacteria can leak out into your bloodstream where they are seen as invaders. The immune system kicks in and one response is inflammation.
  2. Continuing with a high stress, highly processed food, low exercise and low fun lifestyle will send you down a path of multiple health issues where inflammation is at the heart of it (pun intended).


This all feels so depressing – especially now that you have a house full of Valentine’s Day candy.

When you decide your health is important and your long life with loved ones is a priority, there are great alternatives to the Standard American Diet (SAD). Keep reading next week when I give you tips and tools to prevent and even reverse the heart disease situation you may have found yourself in.

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